Brunger Export is the factory-direct export representative for many of the leading USA manufacturers of marine equipment, marine accessories and watersports products.

The target trade customers are boat builders, marine distributors, and mass merchants involved in marine business. The markets serviced are all markets outside of the USA and Canada. Brunger Export’s role overseas is virtually the same as the role of the USA “Manufacturers Representatives”, which are the independent companies appointed by these USA manufacturers to handle the factory sales to distribution and boat builders in the USA.

Brunger Export provides valuable additional services internationally, to better assist the manufacturers in the USA and customers overseas, which include the following:

      • Handle all factory-direct export sales to markets outside the USA and Canada, at the lowest factory net export prices.
      • Appoint and service distributors in overseas markets.
      • Plan production requirements with boat builders.
      • Promote sales and proper utilization of products available from the manufacturers.
      • Refer retail and dealer inquiries to distributors.
      • Develop private branding programs where necessary.
      • Confirm and process customer purchase orders directly with the manufacturer, and provide the manufacturers with details on each customer and their purchases.
      • Arrange invoicing, export documentation and shipping.
      • Conduct product training.
      • Coordinate with manufacturers the development of special products and programs required for specific
      • Provide overseas customers with the full technical and promotional support services available from each manufacturer.
      • Implement the factory warranty programs overseas.
      • Exhibit and provide product support at major international trade shows and boat shows.
      • Consolidate products from the different manufacturers we represent at ports and airports, for more economical consolidated shipment to customers overseas.

Brunger’s headquarters office is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and there are five additional professionally staffed regional sales offices. Brunger Export has also established and operates Eumarine Depot in Amsterdam, Mid East Marine Depot in Dubai, and El Marine Depot in Miami to provide regional warehouse backup inventory for customer support. Sales management from all offices travel extensively to assist customers with experienced advice in planning their marine equipment requirements.

Brunger Export has a multi-lingual sales management team of experienced marine industry professionals, offering a combined total of over 250 years of international marine industry experience. The sales management team combines a wealth of knowledge gained also from diversified marine backgrounds, during previous career experiences working for leading boat builders, marine distributors, mass merchants and marine engine manufacturers parts and accessories divisions. The sales management team is supported by an inside staff of multi-lingual regional export administration managers, with a combined total of over 275 years of marine equipment export administration experience.

Brunger Export Inc. represents many leading USA marine equipment industry manufacturers. We assist them in delivering products overseas, at lower landed prices, by providing the factory a complete and professional export infrastructure, with dedicated coverage and presence in all export markets. The manufacturers can reduce their sales and administration costs associated with regional export sales employees, export order administration employees, export credit risk, international collections, global travel, international communications, mailings, export documentation compliance, and export market research. We assist in delivering products overseas, at lower landed prices, by staging products from the manufacturers we represent, at ports and airports around the USA, for a consolidated single shipment to customers overseas. We position these manufacturers with an advantage in export markets by enabling them to focus on developing and producing the best products, and supply them more efficiently to customers overseas, at the lowest export prices possible.

Top quality products and service for overseas customers; and top quality overseas representation for the manufacturers we represent, have been, and will continue to be the two major objectives of Brunger Export Inc.